VAT Information

Dear Customer

Many of you who are not from the EU asked why you are being charged VAT, and we replied that as a German company it was necessary for us to do that. This was due to a misunderstanding on our part. Europe has recently had a few significant changes in how to handle VAT through webshops, and I’m sorry to say that we got confused, and we made a mistake.

It’s our first campaign of this sort, and it has been a great learning experience, and we would really like to thank all of you for being so patient with us as we learn how to handle the volume of customer service needed, and the administration of VAT through a webshop.

All customers who have been charged 19% VAT in error will have the excess charges refunded as soon as possible.

Our goal is to ensure that the money is back in your accounts next week – we are aiming to complete the task by the end of Friday 17 December. There is no need to email us about it – your orders will not be cancelled, only the incorrect VAT amounts refunded.

Please accept our most sincere apologies for the mistake, and if you know of a buddy who couldn’t afford the airbrush due to the incorrect amount being charged, please do let them know of the change. The product page still displays the price “including VAT” for our EU customers, but the deduction of 19% VAT for non-EU customers is now done at the point of check-out, and therefore ensuring that VAT is not charged to customers outside of the EU.

Once again, our most sincere apologies, and thank you all SO much for your incredible support of this project.

Warrick J Smith
Head of Brand & Products

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